quiet morning at La Cumbre Peak

Florence Sanchez

I hiked the area around La Cumbre Peak this morning and it was pretty dead.  There was nothing going on at the communication Station--I was hard-pressed to even turn up a couple of Scrub Jays.  Nothing feeding on the abundant crop of Madrone berries behind the station. The forest at the peak was also almost devoid of activity.  I walked east on Camino Cielo to a point where the pines start to thin and it was the same story, though I did have a brief encounter with a Hairy Woodpecker (the only woodpecker found today).  Coming back, I finally heard a single Steller's Jay.  NO sign of other mountain birds, including nuthatches.

This happens up there from time to time and hopefully is not a sign of more dead days to come.

Nothing visible on Gibraltar reservoir below.

Florence Sanchez

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