East Beach this morning

Mark Holmgren

This morning starting at the SW corner of the Andree Clark Bird Refuge (closest to the beach volleyball courts), I walked all of East Beach hoping to see Dika’s Mountain Plover from two days ago.  I did not find it.  I was thinking that the recent cold weather might have pushed some gulls, loons, or ducks our way.  That did not seem to be happening.


But at this corner of the Bird Refuge was a Northern Waterthrush (photos attached). On East Beach I counted about 170 Black Skimmers, 33 Snowy Plovers (in one flock at 34.41351 -119.68422), 2 Royal Terns, and zero Mew Gulls.


 Monthly COPR Bird Survey with Jessica Nielsen. Our intent is to survey only the birds using the slough bottom. Other species were ignored. We scoped from the Venoco Road bridge, from the northern pullout along Slough Road, from the half bridge, and from the south end of the slough channel. The slough is 95% dry N of the half-bridge. Weather was sunny, clear, and mid-60sF.  Mission Creek outflow was not too birdy.


Mark Holmgren

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