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Mark Holmgren

Nice photos, Brad.  By graduated tail, face pattern, and bill shape this looks like a Common Yellowthroat that has lost its dark feather color expression. My fleeting glance of this bird on Friday led me to canary only because of this odd color. 

Mark Holmgren 
San Marcos Pass

On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 11:20 AM Bradley Hacker <hacker@...> wrote:
One of my camera bodies is misbehaving and I have been trying to diagnose the problem before sending it back to Canon, so today I went down to the SW corner of the AC Birdless Refuge to shoot the Canary reported by Mark H and others in recent days. No problem finding a pale yellow bird. But, the bird I found is not a canary, but a leucistic warbler, I think.
* Is it a leucistic warbler?
* Nashville??
* Is this the same bird as the Canary?
(warning: pictures are bad)

(This bird was originally mistakenly reported by me from an incorrect location; please disregard.)

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Good birding, 

Bradley Hacker
Goleta CA

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