Mysterious canary! NOT

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Oooops. Looks like I blew off a really interesting leucistic Common Yellowthroat. To be perfectly honest, I never really saw this bird clearly, so didn’t put it on my list.
However, Marilyn saw the bird quite well, & said it didn’t look like anything she’d every seen before. Hmmmm...
No wonder.
In any case, I was, of course, just following in the footsteps of my friend Mark, whom I expect to know these kinds of things!
Thanks to energetic Brad Hacker, & his fine photographic skills, we’ve solved this mystery.
It’s a gorgeous bird, & if I’d spent some time on it, I would’ve been better off, rather than fretting about missing the Northern Waterthrush.
Lesson learned.

Joan Lentz
Santa Barbara

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