Laguna Blanca and Coal Oil Point Reserve

Mark Holmgren

At dusk at Devereux Slough I watched as battalions of brown waders poured in to the slough just north of the half bridge. Before dark and fog settled in, I was able to count 175 individuals.  I got an exact count of the Long-billed Curlews.  I then estimated the proportion remaining that were Whimbrels and Marbled Godwits.  A healthy bunch of Semipalmated Plovers also arrived late, but spread out along the channel further north.  

I seldom bird Devereux at this time of day.  Have others noticed this roost of waders here?  eBird checklist is here:


Elsewhere, the Dune Pond at Coal Oil Point Reserve provides excellent entertainment. Best light is in the morning. (Scope recommended)


Duckage is getting quite good (13 species) at Laguna Blanca. There is a new attitude there that might be a bit more permissive to scopers on the south side (along Lago Drive) looking north.  La Cumbre Country Club locals have financed the water that is pumped into Laguna Blanca.  One objective is to make the place more bird friendly.  So some of the locals appreciate hearing about the birds we birders are seeing there.  Go easy there.  See


Mark Holmgren

Santa Barbara

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