East Pinery Road Nov. 5

Florence Sanchez

After reading Dave Compton's report about some montane species he found in the area, I decided to hike East Pinery Road this morning.  I did not find Townsend's Solitaire, Pine Siskins, or Golden-crowned Kinglet this morning.  Red-breasted Nuthatches continue to be abundant, and Steller's Jays were especially visible and active this morning.  I had one Mountain Chickadee but no other montane species of note.  Otherwise, it was the usual chaparral and oak woodland birds, and unfortunately still lots of those pesky flies.  Last week's cold nights did not kill them off.

One bird of interest was a Western Meadowlark in the pine forest at the end of the"keyhole."  I have seen flocks of Meadowlarks from time to time in the meadows below, but do not recall having one in the forest before.  It looked most odd in the top of a pine tree.

Puzzling was the complete lack of Fox Sparrows at this location.  In years past, there have always been at least a few in the ceanothus thickets along the road.

Florence Sanchez

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