Re: Carpinteria State Beach/Campground vagrants this morning

John Callender

After looking at the photos I took this morning I'm no longer sure they show the Rusty Blackbird. The bird from this morning appears to have less brown than the bird photographed previously; I also think it might have a thicker beak and a more even-length tail. (The Rusty Blackbird had noticeably shorter outer tail feathers, which I don't see in the photos of this morning's bird.) On the other hand, the photos from this morning are more distant and in poorer light, so maybe that accounts for the different appearance?

Photos are in this eBird list:

On balance I think there's a decent chance the bird I saw this morning was a different individual, maybe an odd-looking Brewer's Blackbird. I'd be interested in feedback on that question if people are willing to share their opinions. Thanks!

John Callender

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