Re: Goleta Beach Gulls

Ken Hoesterey

Hi, tonite before sunset several flocks of Whimbrels, Willets, Godwits, Curlews settled in on the low tide estuary outwash along with the many gulls.
Offshore about 20 porpoise fished among the rafts of hundreds of gulls and Pelicans offshore. They all were engaged fishing on the reef and as far west as the pier, and in very shallow water just outside the breaking small surf. Babies were sky hopping and leaping over the adults.
The large shorebirds could have been as many as 50 total, and the last few winters I have seen them roost and feed elsewhere during the days, but fly in there, spectacularly so, near dusk.
Ken Hoesterey

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 4:31:42 PM PST, Steven Gaulin <gaulin@...> wrote:

I did a quick tour of Goleta Beach around 2:15 PM today. I was surprised to see no sandpipers of any type but there were hundreds of gulls, mostly on the bay, both east and west of the pier. Numbers and distance discouraged identification of those birds but there were at least 100 on the sand East of the easternmost parking lot. Those birds were Westerns, Californias and good numbers of both adult and first-winter Heermann's, with a single first-winter Glaucous-winged standing out.

Steven Gaulin
Santa Barbara

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