Keep an eye on your feeders for the Santa Barbara CBC!

Libby Patten


The Santa Barbara Christmas Bird Count is scheduled for Saturday, January 4th. In addition to all the talented birders who will fan out across the count circle on that day, we wanted to reach out to those of you who have bird feeders around your home.  We would appreciate you keeping an eye on the species coming to your feeders and letting us know if you see anything unusual, such as any grosbeaks, orioles or hummingbirds other than Anna’s or Allen’s.  A list of species of particular interest for our CBC is at:

So, if you see any of the species on this list or other potential rarities at your feeders, please let us know either by posting here on sbcobirding or by emailing me directly at infocbc@....  We’re interested in sightings both before the count and anytime during count week (January 1 - 7), but especially on January 4.

Many thanks,
Libby Patten
SB CBC Coordinator

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Libby Patten
Santa Barbara

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