Casual Carp Birding

Rob Denholtz

Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park and Reserve, 6:30 AM, Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020

Did some naked-eye birding on my walk this morning. Continuing Eared Grebe in Franklin Creek. WT Kite hovering over Basin 1, earlier over Linden Ave. field. No. Harrier seen for third time in a week over the Reserve (restricted area). Also, flushed a merganser sp. along the dirt road in the Reserve. An Am. Kestral has found a preferred perch along Sandyland Cove Road and has been there reliably on the past several mornings. An unusual number of Black Phoebes (8-ish) seen all along the trails in the Salt Marsh.

Rob Denholtz

Rob Denholtz

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