Retraction - Carp Salt Marsh Friday 1/10

David Levasheff

This must be the week for mistaken IDs

On the Sandpoint trip last week the ID of the Prairie Falcon was in error. Visible dark axillaries & under wing coverts had been reported in the brief encounter with the bird and used as the basis of the ID along with brief views perched from the back. Upon analyzing backlit photos of the perched bird yesterday, it was obvious that it was a Merlin.


On 01/11/2020 3:21 PM, David Levasheff wrote:
Yesterday was the once yearly SBAS outing to Sandpoint road, a private gated community.

It was raptor day there... 3 Osprey, 2 Red-tailed Hawk, 1 Northern Harrier, One White-tailed Kite, and Big Suprise ONE Prairie Falcon!

Mallard, American Wigeon, Green-winged Teal, Bufflehead, Gadwall and Red-breasted Merganser rounded out the Water Fowl.

1 Wimbrel, several Long-billed Curlew, a few Marbled Godwit, scads of Willets and several Black-bellied Plover. We were trying to ID some peeps when the Prairie Falcon flushed them and they were gone.

Lots of Savannah Sparrows working the pickle weed. King tide left us nothing to scan for on the ocean side.

Other usual suspects round out the total to 37 species for the 3 hour walk.
David Levasheff
Santa Barbara

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