TK, Costa's, and other Goleta area birding

Dave Compton

I birded a few spots around Goleta/Isla Vista today. The best birds were a Tropical Kingbird in a location where not previously reported this year, on the berm between Basin K and Basin L/M of Goleta Slough, as seen from the bluffs at UCSB; and a Costa's Hummingbird on Pardall at the eastern edge of Isla Vista. The hummingbird was calling and chasing an Anna's in front of the building on the north side of the street at the far eastern end of Pardall (5904, I think). 

Otherwise, not a ton of interest. I missed the Sueno Rd Orchard Oriole in Isla Vista, and I found none of the rarities that had been reported around the UCSB Student Health Building (Summer Tanager, TK, Nashville Warbler). I met Dave Robertson at Devereux, which had a decent numbers of ducks, including a flock of 39 Lesser Scaup, 4 Redheads, and 7 Northern Pintail. Dave pulled out a female Hooded Merganser near the half bridge. Basin K at Goleta Slough had lots of ducks, with still about 100 Green-wing Teal present, a couple of more pintails, a half dozen Blue-winged Teal, and more than a dozen Cinnamon Teal. 

Interesting that I saw as many or more of several species of ducks at two locations than we had in all of Goleta for the CBC: Cinnamon Teal, Northern Pintail, American Wigeon, and Lesser Scaup. 

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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