Devereaux Thursday morning

Robert Lindsay

Thursday, 1/23, 8:00-12:00

I led my class around Devereaux Slough today and had a very rewarding time of it. We tallied 69 species all together with a number of highlights. These included (2)Greater White-fronted Geese, (2)Tropical Kingbird, and (2)Canvasback (all from the bridge where NCOS meets the Devereaux Slough) along with Common and Red-throated Loon in the body of the slough. Other birds I was glad to see were Western Meadowlark, Northern Harrier and White-tailed Kite, Black Turnstone, Redhead, and a Dunlin among the shorebirds at the Plover Preserve. A total of 10 species of ducks and geese and 8 species of birds of prey were around. Still, while diversity was pretty impressive, raw numbers were less than might have been the case in years past. Hope that's not a trend.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay

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