birding in Carpinteria today

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Today Florence Sanchez and I did a little birding in Carpinteria.  We looked unsuccessfully for the Orchard Oriole at Santa Monica Creek, entering at the end of El Caro.  Then we stopped at Lake Jocelyn, where we failed to find the Solitary Sandpiper — I’ve tried several times with no luck— had some nice Green-winged Teal there.  At Carp. Salt Marsh Nature Park, we heard a Red-breasted Nuthatch calling from a a nearby sycamore tree just outside the park.  The tide had been high, but was falling.  We got nice views of three individual Yellow-crowned Night-Herons on the western bank of Franklin Creek, viewed easily from the iron bridge.  See checklists below.  We ran into Nancy States and Peggy Kearns at Santa Monica Creek.

Joan Lentz
Santa Barbara

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