Early Breeding Bird Records

Mark Holmgren

Yo! Birders and astute Naturalists!

We have already received some submissions of breeding birds in SB County in 2020. Great Blue Herons at Coal Oil Point Reserve were at 2 nests and were clearly rearranging sticks on 14 January.  8 of 16 GBHe nests at Goleta Beach were occupied (birds standing at or on the nest) on 24 Jan.  Other records received are of Red-tailed Hawks carrying sticks and nests of Anna's and Allen's Hummingbirds.


These breeding initiation records are important.  For example, the Breeding Bird Study information led the Coastal Commission to revise its guideline for GBHe nesting from 15 February to 15 January.  This kind of data-driven change in management is one of many uses of the BBS data.  


Submit your data, and attach your photo evidence if you are able to obtain it, at the SB Audubon website: 


Currently, we don't have a way of interacting with the 8118 breeding bird records (since Google shut down its Fusion Table app), but Adrian and I and others are working to find a new interactive platform.  Meanwhile, keep the records coming.  


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