Sandspit Snowy Plovers continue

Hugh Ranson

The 24 Snowy Plovers continue at the SB Harbor sandspit, including the color banded male. I reported the color combination and already heard back. This is the history: 

This bird was captive reared by Santa Barbara Zoo and released at Coal Oil Point on 8/30/2019 and was last seen at that location on 9/10/2019. 

This flock of plovers has been present for (at least) nearly a month. A pair nested at this location in 2005, the first nesting within the City of Santa Barbara since 1933. I contacted Chris Dellith from Fish and Wildlife to see if these birds are entitled to protection--human disturbance is one of the primary reasons for nest failure. He sounded pretty excited and is going to pass on the information.  Mark Holmgren is putting the word out to SB Audubon Society. With the virus looking to dampen tourism in town, this might be the year to fence part of the beach to give the birds a chance. Or perhaps the governor's stay-at-home announcement (publicized as I type) will make that unnecessary.

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara

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