More of today’s migrant push

Eric Culbertson <ebc101@...>

As others have noted it was busy out there today! Here’s most of what I could identify passing during 7 hours spent along Ortega Ridge Road behind Summerland:

372 western kingbird
32 swainson’s hawks
144 vaux’s swift
103 loon
800+ swallows (identifiable swallows were nearly all cliff but with scattered barn and a northern rw)
22 turkey vulture
1 osprey
1 dc cormorant
+ small numbers of other birds

From Ortega I could see many additional birds passing lower than me out along the coast (more kingbirds I suspect + swallows). Several passing hawks went unidentified. I mostly hung around where Ortega intersects with Greenwell Av but moved north along Ortega and east down Greenwell trying different vantage points.

Eric Culbertson

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