migrant update

Joan Lentz (cox.net address)

Hi Birders: I finally went out to make a list about 5:30 pm, and by then the activity in my yard had begun to die way down. Many fewer birds. In any case, my best guess about yesterday and today (opinions welcome) is that there was a wind from the south/southeast, and it pushed a lot of spring migrants along, especially, in my case, tanagers, grosbeaks, Nashville Warblers, Bullock’s Orioles. They stayed all day yesterday and through mid-afternoon today (or were joined by others during the day, not sure), but then, and this is what’s amazing, others in Goleta seemed to have a lot of birds from mid-afternoon on. Rebecca Coulter had an amazing list from Merida Dr./Berkeley Bike bridge area. Farren Road was good. All later in the day.
However, Nick reports no activity to speak of up Refugio Canyon this morning.
So, either these birds will have migrated out tonight (over the cloudy mountains?) or not, but I wish I could be at Refugio tomorrow to see whether they’re moving there, or whether they got out of here before nightfall.
I think what’s so interesting was that this was a movement of migrants (see Eric Culbertson’s post), that wasn’t exactly a fallout, because it wasn’t “stopped” by anything….at least not yet. However, any cloud cover helps, and this may’ve slowed the birds down so they took time to feed at various spots (bottlebrush, etc.) and to fly lower than usual! Yay for that,

Joan Lentz

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