Romero Canyon morning flight

Eric Culbertson <ebc101@...>

I was at Romero Canyon this morning in hopes of seeing passing migrant landbirds. I started in the creek ~100 yards upstream of Bella Vista Rd. 77F with strong wind out of the north when I arrived. By 0620 I could see birds passing along the ridges above me on either side of the creek. I scrambled up to the fire road on the east side of the creek and watched from there. I had just over 500 total birds pass on either side of me headed upslope mostly before 0800. I tried to id as much as I could but more time than not I just counted them. I ended up with 373 passerine sp. (I think yellow-rumped warb and warbling vireo made up bulk). Some birds stopped very briefly in the veg before continuing on but most flew right through. Through migrants included bullocks oriole (10), w tanager (5), ash-throated fly (10), w kingbird(28), warbling vireo, bh grosbeak(8), wilson's warbler, orange-crowned warbler, yellow warbler (1), black-throated gray warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, nashville warbler, hermit warbler(2), white-crowned and golden-crowned sparrow, pac-slope flycatcher, empid (I believe 3 hammonds, one possible gray), and hummingbirds. In addition two ss/coopers hawks passed upslope during a wave of songbirds early in the day. I couldn't tell if any of the lazuli bunting in the area were actually moving or not nor if the bt pigeons moving upslope were actual migrants. A rufous hummingbird was hanging out as well. Besides 1-2 unidentified empids and a warbler sp. there were zero migrants along the creek on my walk out. Pretty amazing.

Eric Culbertson

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