Horned Lark at Elings Park

Hugh Ranson <zonetail@...>

At 12:30 there was an approachable adult Horned Lark walking around on the paths on the south side of Elings Park (east of the bike jump). Interestingly, there was a family group there five years ago to the day. This from Lehman: "A family group of 2 adults and 2 juveniles at Elings Park...5 June 2016 is indicative of local breeding at that site."

There has been a definite uptick in numbers of birds at the park in the last week, many of them post breeders with young, taking advantage, I believe, of an abundant food source. The top of the park was grazed by sheep, then we had some decent late rains, which resulted in good plant growth. There's a gang of 30+ munias, many Lesser Goldfinches, and a couple of species in decent numbers that are not usually present there, American Crow and Western Bluebird. There was a young male Blue Grosbeak there until last week, but I haven't seen him lately.

Hugh Ranson
Santa Barbara

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