Territorial neighborhood yellow warbler, + out of county note

Eric Culbertson

Hi all,

I’ve had a singing yellow warbler in our Carpinteria neighborhood off and on since June 7th (heard today ). Because we are well away from riparian habitat I’m wondering if this bird has initiated nesting here in the neighborhood someplace. I see Paul Lehman writes about south coast breeding records of this sort in The Birds of Santa Barbara. According to this text, this species has nested away from riparian habitat in urban settings when irrigation, exotic plantings, or insect infestations provide required resources. Pretty cool. 

Although not in SB county, but still of regional interest to sbco birders; I was directed to a proposed logging operation on nearby Pine Mountain through a post to Ventura county birds by Kay Regester. Public comment ends 30 June.

Eric Culbertson 

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