Re: White-eyed Vireo at Ellwood

Dave Compton

Hi Adrian and everyone,

Using photos taken more than a month apart can be tricky for establishing the Ellwood bird is not the same as the IV bird. And for a bird of this rarity, I think the burden should be on doing so, with base assumption being that they ARE the same bird. But a look at a photo John Callender took back of the bird in IV back in May suggests we may not have to guess:

My feeling is the photo showing both wing bars on the right side of the bird is a pretty good argument they are one in the same. The upper wing bar in this photo and the upper wing bar in the photo Adrian shared showing the right side of the bird look really similar, and pretty distinctive. Any differences in the appearance in these photos can be explained easily by wear or the position of the bird or its feathers at these particular moments in time. But it seems really unlikely that two different birds photographed six weeks apart could show this same distinctive pattern to that wing bar.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 3:07 PM Adrian O'Loghlen via <> wrote:
Below is a link to side-by-side photos of the White-eyed Vireo at Ellwood today and the Vireo that was at Camino Corto on 25th May.  They look like different birds.

Adrian O'Loghlen

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