Reddish Egret continues at SYRE

Florence Sanchez

I returned to the estuary this morning at mid-tide.  I found that the large influx of Western Sandpipers that filled the mudflats when I was there last week has moved on and not much has taken its place.  Shorebirds seen in the estuary today include Kildeer, Snowy Plover, Greater Yellowlegs, and Short-billed Dowitcher.  The latter was a breeding-plumaged bird hanging out with the 2 breeding-plumaged Greater Yellowlegs.  The red on the underparts did not continue all the way to the tail and there was no barring on the sides, indicating this species instead of Long-billed.  Though both Yellowlegs were calling, the Dow was silent.

At the river mouth, there was again a huge congregation of Heerman's Gulls, at least 400.  With them were Brown Pelicans, Western Gulls, at least one California Gull, and several Caspian Terns.  With much of the flock out of view from the outside of the protected area, who knows what else might have been there.

Least Terns continue to make a nice showing while feeding in the estuary and the Reddish Egret was found well up the channel, though not quite as far as it was when I found it last week.

Florence Sanchez

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