A Little more on Red-eyed Vireo

Florence Sanchez

Thanks to Nick for posting my sighting in a timely manner, since I did not have access to the Internet at that time.

I first heard the Vireo while walking on the asphalt path to Coal Oil Point and Sands Beach.  It was singing loudly and continually, the typical question and answer phrasing of this species with no burry notes.  I soon spotted it in the top of a large eucalyptus near the buildings.  Then it stopped singing and dropped down into the shrubs.  As I neared the spot, it started singing again from the top of an elderberry bush, and it moved around a bit to other shrubs in the area.  I turned off the main path into a maintenance area with lots of cut wood and where a red pickup truck was parked.  From there I got within 20 feet of the singing bird (again in an elderberry bush) and had great looks.  It then flew into a small sycamore to the west and stopped singing.

Tom Turner arrived quickly after Nick posted my find.  The bird was still silent, but started singing again as he headed for his bike to chase it down.  I spotted it in the top of a scruffy eucalyptus next to a large cypress tree on the segment of the path that runs almost due east/west.  Eventually it flew off and I did not see it or hear it again.  

After I completed my beach walk and returned to my car, I met other birders who told me Tom had refound the bird and that it had moved over to the area near the parking lot on the old Devereux Campus.

Florence Sanchez

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