Coronado Puddle Friday afternoon

Robert Lindsay

I spent about an hour (2:30-3:30 pm) at the end of Coronado in Goleta hoping for early land migrants and was not completely disappointed. First the less interesting. Scaly-breasted Munia were common throughout the area (walked a little up and down from the puddle). Also saw one Common Yellowthroat upstream. This species seems to be much less common around Goleta than I remember in years past. Has anyone else noticed this? A group of Bushtit came in and were surprisingly entertaining. They were very cautious about bathing and when they did it was always in tight clusters of 6-8 birds. And they always entered the water as a group and left as a unit. Of course if I was that size I'd be nervous, too.

As for migrants: there were at least two, and maybe three Wilson's Warbler. Other warblers included at least 6 Orange-Crowned. Saw one flycatcher that was clearly a Pacific-Slope. A second probably was, too, except the eye ring was inconspicuous, the bill seemed uniformly dark, and there was no color to the underside. Haven't found a match among images of other empidonax or tyrants in my guides or on-line. These guys make me crazy. Hope someone with better eyes than mine sees it.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay

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