Santa Monica Creek - A warning...

Libby Patten

Joan Lentz and I went to the path next to Santa Monica Creek off El Carro Lane late this morning. We were just starting to enjoy some nice hummingbird activity near the Cape honeysuckle, when a youngish man (late 40s, white) walking a big healthy German Shepard came up to us. He was at first just a bit weird and overly friendly, but kept telling me that “my mother” shouldn’t be starting fires with her magnifying glass. He jogged away for a few minutes, then came back and said he had our photos and that he was with law enforcement. I tried to calm him and say that we would leave, but he then started yelling obscenities and told us to stop walking away and that he would detain us. He pulled out his wallet trying to show me his official ID. We left as quickly as we could, but he was the most aggressive person either one of us has ever encountered ever during birding. 

I suspect he is a regular on that path, so just a heads up!  Luckily, although it was stressful and we felt bad for this guy, we were able to laugh later at the absurdity of it all. 


Libby Patten
Santa Barbara

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