Bella Vista Drive Hawkwatch Oct 12

Florence Sanchez

I made it up to the Hawk Watch spot on Bella Vista Drive late this morning, where I encountered Carpinteria Birders Tom an dLaurel who had been there a little while.  Though it was very warm for us, conditions were great for the soaring birds that were present.  They rode the thermals over the ridgeline in long, lazy circles.  However, there just weren't a lot of BirdsTaking advantage of them.

Turkey Vultures were the most common species, followed by Red-tailed Hawks.  There is an apparently resident pair that soared together two or three times but we saw at least one other individual.  Highlight of the time I was there was a Peregrine Falcon, who also circled and glided for a long time.  The other raptor species seend was a Northern Harrier.  Around 11:30 a.m., we had a nice group of Harrier, Peregrine, 2 Ravens, and a REd-tailed Hawk all circling at once.

There is minimal shade in which to sit/stand because of the worker's trucks parked along the fence where we usually hang out, and even in the shade, it was getting hot.   One good thing is that the partial road closure means less through traffic going by, but large trucks will sometimes pass on their way to the debris basin work site to the west.

Florence Sanchez

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