Farren Road and Bella vista Hawk watch site 10-14

Florence Sanchez

I hiked up to the end of Farren Road and back again this morning, starting at 7:30 a.m.  It was not terribly birdy there this morning and it warmed up very fast.  This year, the weeds and grasses along the roadside were mowed early and are almost bare.  In the past, the roadsides have sometimes had a lot of sparrows foraging there but because of the lack of food and cover at roadside, the sparrows were mostly in the fields.

The best bird was a Loggerhead Shrike sitting on a dead shrub well out in the field next to the parking area at the top fo the first rise.  I also had 8 lark Sparrows on the wires across from the reservoir.  The latter had no ducks or other waterfowl on it.

I did a hawk watch on Bella Vista Drive for about an hour, starting at 10:50 a.m.  It was very hot but there was one shady spot along the fence so I parked there and stood mostly in the shade while watching.  A Copper's Hawk was circling over the road when I arrived.  After that, I had just Turkey Vultures and a couple of Red-tailed Hawks for a long time.  These birds may be residents.  Eventually, I caught sight of a very distant falcon that appeared to be a lot like the Peregrine Falcon I saw on Monday.  Rob Lindsay joined me after 11:30 and I left him to continue to observing the nice kettle of Turkey Vultures that developed just before I left.

Florence Sanchez

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