more on hawkwatch info today

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Around noon today, Marilyn and I decided to check out the hawk watch site. Since there were lots of workers parked along the wall, and no shade was available, we drove to the next promontory west, and watched looking west out over Romero Canyon & further.
We spotted a distant kettle of 9 Turkey Vultures, watched them circle higher and higher, then peel off along the ridgetop and fly over us and eastward.
We got in the car and drove west along Bella Vista, and sure enough we ended up at the landmark house that we’d spotted beneath the kettle and it was right where Mariposa joins Bella Vista Dr. This is where Nick Lethaby mentioned hawks catching the thermals on a day earlier this week, so there’s something about this location that’s good. Is it the proximity to the next big canyon to the west (San Ysidro, although BUENA Vista is a small drainage before that)?
No other raptors observed, but this feels like more info to add to the hawkwatch data!

Good birding!
Joan Lentz

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