Broad-winged Hawk, etc., Saturday, 17 October

Dave Compton

At 10:45 or 10:50am, I saw a juvenile, light morph BROAD-WINGED HAWK soaring just north of Bella Vista Open Space in northwest Goleta. Not a lot else happening there. A Red-breasted Nuthatch, however, was the first I've seen for a while.

Earlier, I birded El Capitan State Beach, which had a lot of the year-round and winter residents, but a single Wilson's Warbler was the only apparent migrant. There were many campers cramped into the lower campground, and not a mask in sight.

Stowe House was very birdy, with tons of Yellow-rumpeds feeding on the lawn, and a bunch in the redgums at the parking lot, but nothing of great interest (I didn't get to the lake to see the bittern).

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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