NCOS TK and Yellow Warbler

Dave Compton

Late morning today, 10/31, I saw a late YELLOW WARBLER at the North Campus Open Space in Goleta, coming to bathe in the newly restored area west of the old clubhouse, near the new little footbridge. The TROPICAL KINGBIRD was at the pond just west of here on the north side of the path (is this what people have recently been calling the "Whittier Pond"?). I looked for Palm Warbler at the spot where previously reported, but had no luck. I did get there late, when it was already fairly warm. 

Earlier in the day, I visited Stow Grove Park and the south side of Lake Los Carneros. I didn't see much of interest, but as noted in the past couple of days, Pine Siskins are here. Stow Grove also three Red-breasted Nuthatches.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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