RFI Condors

webbie41uk <andy@...>

I'm going to be visiting the region at the beginning of next month
and hope to see some free-flying condors. I wonder if any other
subscribers to this list could advise me of some good places to go at
this time of year.

The SoCal ABA guide recommends Bates Canyon/McPherson Peak and
surrounding areas (I hope I've got this right - there are so many
unfamiliar site names buzzing around my head just now). Is this
information still good?

Is the track up from Cuyama Valley as bad as it sounds? Is the
skyline track that follows the top of the ridge a better for non 4-
wheel drive vehicles?

Any other tips you can share (apart from that ABA rules don't allow
anyone to count these condors for their US lists!)

Many thanks in advance.

Please reply privately if not relevant to the whole list.

Andy Webb
20 Lochside Terrace
Bridge of Don
Aberdeen AB23 8QU

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