good birds on Atascadero Creek May 11th


My usual 4 hour birding loop between Turnpike and Ward Dr. took 6 hours today
- there were just too many birds! Highlights included American Redstart, YB
Chat, Indigo Bunting, Common Snipe, 130 Yellow Warbler, 85 Wilson's Warbler,
95 Western Tanager, 65 Warbling Vireo, 26 BH Grosbeak, 38 Hooded Oriole, 3
Nashville Warblers, 1 BT Gray Warbler, 155 Cedar Wawing, a Hairy Woodpecker,
2 No. Orioles, 3 Lazuli Buntings, more warblers, 4 species Swallows, and so
on. In one bottle brush tree were 10 Yellow Warblers. 9 out of 10 of all the
Yellow and Wilson's Warblers were males. Birds were very active all day
(unusual), many tending to the shady areas in the afternoon.

The singing Am. Redstart (splotchy 1st spring male) can best be reached from
the end of Walnut Ave. in Goleta and then go upcreek to the big bend (200
yards). Cross the creek via the boards onto a path, go left 50 yards to a
small oak forest on your left. It was in the small forest about 50 yards off
the path. The YB Chat is nearby. Instead of crossing the creek continue
around the bend 100 yards to where the creek straightens out. The Chat sang
from the dense wood just across the creek. Lots of Orioles, Tanagers,
Warblers, Kingbirds, Allen's Hummers, and more in the stretch from Walnut to
the bend. The Indigo Bunting (f) is 200 yards up Maria Ygnacio Creek from the
Patterson Bike Bridge. Just one, a dark female, and difficult to find in a
little brushy patch next to willows down in the creek. Lots of Warblers,
Tanagers, Vireos in that area and even more upcreek from there.

Regards, Ron Hirst

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