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Forgive the cross posting.

I spotted a difficult to identify flycatcher at
Preisker yesterday, at about 1:00, in the Alder grove
at the southwest corner of the park

My first impression is an Empidonax.

It's largish and slender for an Empidonax, clear
silver/charcoal gray, with paler throat, dirty belly,
no yellow/buff.

The tail underside is bordered by two quite WIDE edge
stripes -- each 1/4 or more of the entire width -- and
the tail end is faintly white-tipped top and bottom.
The tail is relatively long.

There's a small but obvious crest.

Looks like a GRAY or ALDER.

It could be I'm missing something obvious but I've
checked Peterson, Sibley, and DK Smithsonian.
POssibly aberrant.



Joe Seals
Santa Maria, California --
where the weather is always perfect
and my garden always has something blooming
and birds galore

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