Tricolored Heron

hugh ranson <urrf@...>

Thanks for finding the Tricolored Heron, Ron! I saw the bird at 3:20 pm. It was not visible from Goleta Beach, so I walked the bike path east. I found the bird in San Pedro Creek. This is the creek that joins Atascadero Creek just to the north of the pipes that cross Atascadero when viewed from Goleta beach. I viewed the bird as it walked north and out of sight. I then drove along Fairview, past the airport, and saw the bird in the same channel, still walking north, from the bridge at Fairview and Fowler. This is just east of airport long-term parking. I don't think it would continue north as it would soon run out of water!

The bird looked, in my distant views, more like Sibley's painting of an adult nonbreeding bird: yellowish legs, lots of yellow around the eye, white up the center of the neck.

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