Re: Harris Hawk

Ron Hirst

Hi Jeff,  I suppose it's possible although a Harris's Hawk would be noticeably larger than a crow, and the fairly common, and crow-sized, Red-shouldered Hawk would exhibit many of the characteristics you mention. The first key item I was looking for in your description that would make a boldly red shouldered hawk, with a (very) broad white band at the base of the tail, much more likely to be a Harris's Hawk is the following, excerpted from Birds of the World  "Plumage coloration is bold and diagnostic--mostly chocolate brown to almost sooty blackish".  and  "Juvenile Harris's Hawk is similar to adult, except that breast and belly are streaked with cream or buffy coloration, and chestnut of legs is barred with cream. ... rufous patches typically are reduced and dullish."   Ron Hirst, SB

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