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Jeff Lawton

Thanks Guy!

I got lots of replies to my post and suggestions that the bird I saw was probably employed as an abatement sentry bird or in training. Several people mentioned HHs used at Cottage Hospital and that falconers will often train their birds out of Elings Park.

Appreciate all the feedback!!

Santa Barbara


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Regardless of the identification of the bird recently reported, Harris’s Hawk is one of the most common hawks flown by falconers. It is often used to chase away gulls and crows. A Harris’s Hawk is currently being used by Cottage Hospital to keep the helipad clear. I have also seen them used as gull deterrents at the Bacara Resort and the Miramar. They are beautiful birds and not likely to be mistaken for anything else. There are frequent sightings in the County, but to my knowledge none have been accepted as naturally occurring birds.

Guy Tingos
Santa Barbara

Guy Tingos
Santa Barbara

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