Curlew Sandpiper and others at Goleta Beach

Mary Thompson

Don Higgins and I birded Goleta Beach and Slough yesterday, 8:30 to 11 am.

Birded from stairs at lot 6 to campus lagoon and down beach toward Goleta Beach. Continuing Curlew Sandpiper seen on Goleta Beach side around 9:30 hanging out with a few Sanderlings. Size, longer legs, downturned bill, white supercilium seen well. Other shorebirds nearby- Black-bellied Plover, Marbled Godwit, Least Sandpiper.

At Goleta Slough highlight was the continuing flock of 30+ Black-Legged Stilts. Also saw Osprey, Red-tailed hawk Kingfisher, and usual assortment of water birds. At least 4 pairs of Bufflehead were also around.

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