Andree Clark Bird Refuge, 26 November

Dave Compton

The Swamp Sparrow was in the usual area at the southwest corner of the bird refuge this morning, but not terribly cooperative. It stayed close to road, and my best (and still poor looks) were at the edge of the bulrushes by the grassy lawn, where it occasionally just showed itself. When on the other side of the channel, it remained close to Cabrillo, in an area with some mud flats, but never in the open. It called occasionally.

Walking along Cabrillo from this area, I was able to see one Tropical Kingbird in the middle island and a male Northern Pintail far to the east, near the parking area. Shovelers were the most common duck followed by Ruddy Duck and Green-winged Teal.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara 

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