Lompoc area birding

Dave Compton

I've posted the main highlight of my outing near Lompoc today, which was the HARRIS'S SPARROW  on Renwick Ave, north of Ocean Blvd and just next to the Vandenberg boundary. As I mentioned, the bird was with a flock of White-crowned Sparrows working the weedy fence line on the west side of the road. The sparrow flock was in an area across from a large dirt field with nice, neat furrows. I recommend working slowly up the road, looking for sparrows, and taking care not to flush them. A good number of Horned Larks were on either side of the road, and this has been a good spot for longspurs in the past. I briefly heard what I thought could've been a Lapland Longspur on the west side of the road, before I found the sparrow.

The  next best new bird I found today was a young male EURASIAN WIGEON at Ocean Park, just east of the railroad bridge, on the north side, with American Wigeons. This bird has patchy pale gray on the sides and only a hint of a pale forehead. Seven GREATER SCAUPS, a single WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, a BRANT (all east of the bridge), and two SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS at the River Mouth were all continuing. 

At Surf Beach, there was a male WHITE-WINGED SCOTER and I saw several flocks of Surf Scoters moving south, including one of 130 birds. A sprinkling of Red-throated and Pacific Loons were around.

At Ryon Memorial Park in Lompoc (north of Ocean, near the west end of town), the best bird was an adult FERRUGINOUS HAWK haunting the baseball field, where a blackbird flock and a Killdeer flock were feeding.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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