Goleta, Saturday, 28 November

Dave Compton

Nothing really new to report from hitting currently popular spots in Goleta. The CURLEW SANDPIPER was present mid-morning about 100 meters north of the stairs, where it was first spotted by Sally Kittson. The PALM WARBLER was in the same place as the past few days at Goleta Beach County Park, in the beach wrack just east of the restrooms and below the east parking lot. Also of interest to me was what I thought was a locally high total of 8 first-cycle GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS, despite not terribly high numbers of gulls overall. Five of them were in the channel near the mouth, where only about 20 gulls were gathered. Three more were in the larger gull flock that currently gathers closer to the west end of the beach. Four ELEGANT TERNS at the latter location formerly would've been notable at this season, but it's become expected to get them well into November, and we often have some stick around into December. 

I also spent a good amount of time at the LogMeIn office complex on Hollister in Ellwood. I didn't try particularly hard for any of the recent rarities, but maybe I say that as an excuse for missing all of them. Someone did report the MacGillivray's Warbler today, but I missed it despite spending about 10 minutes looking for it. I did see two male BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERS around the western parking lot and more Ruby-crowned Kinglets than I have ever seen in one place. I believe the kinglet numbers and Yellow-rumped Warbler numbers were similar, but it's hard to estimate either accurately. My eBird estimates of 50 kinglets and 60 Yellow-rumpeds may both be low. 

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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