Cachuma CBC birding

Dave Compton

I had two very surprising birds on Casey Ave in the Santa Ynez Valley today, during the Cachuma CBC. A BREWER'S SPARROW and a NASHVILLE WARBLER, both in the ag fieldsĀ on the north side of the road, were both winter firsts for the Santa Ynez Valley, as far as I know. The Brewer's Sparrow was in an area where other sparrows and Lesser Goldfinches were foraging, opposite 4208 Casey Ave. The Nashville was close to the road, but seen briefly, in the field opposite 4190 Casey Ave. In the same area, I saw what may have been the Brewer's Sparrow again, farther off the road. I missed the White-throated Sparrow that Mark Holmgren saw a few days ago. A CHIPPING SPARROW was on the south side of the road in that area, which is near the west end of the public part of the road.

A male RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER was along Edison St, in the long stretch between Roblar and Baseline, in a pepper tree and an oak in front of Gallun Farms, south of the signed entrance. A VESPER SPARROW was with Savannahs and Yellow-rumped Warblers along Roblar, near where it ends in the east at Mora.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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