Santa Barbara CBC rarities follow-up

Dave Compton

Today I followed up on a couple of interesting reports from yesterday's Santa Barbara CBC. 

The first was an EMPID found by Gage Ricard at Arroyo Burro, about 100 meters upstream from the Calle de los Amigos bridge. The area is where there's a big concrete structure in the stream, and a little bit upstream of there. Rebecca Coulter and I got looks at the bird, although it wasn't terribly cooperative. It never really came out completely on the east side of the creek, just appearing occasionally in midstory in the trees. My impression is that this was a Dusky Flycatcher, but we're going to need better looks and photos. The main important feature that I never saw well was the primary projection. Everything else seemed decent for Dusky to me, including the long-appearing tail, gray throat, pale loral area, and narrow bill with dark underside. 

Coincidentally, Ken Hollinga and Brad Hines saw a bird at Bella Vista Open Space in Goleta yesterday that also appeared to be a DUSKY FLYCATCHER. I know several people saw that bird again this morning, in the area just south of the line of curly-leafed willows along Placer, near the northeast corner of the open space. These would only be the fourth and fifth winter records of the species in the county, if they are both Duskies.

A number of birders chased a reported Magnolia Warbler at Maria Ygnacio Creek in Goleta, seen in cape ivy on the east side of the creek, adjacent to the intersection of Gwynne and Califia Court. The bird was reported as feeding with a lot of other birds in the cape ivy. But the activity level in this area was never very high in the time I was there, and there are a lot of places it could be when it's not at this location. A Costa's Hummingbird was heard occasionally in this area this morning. Hopefully, the warbler will show up again.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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