Baltimore Oriole at Santa Monica Creek in Carpinteria

John Callender

This morning I visited the area of the cape honeysuckle hedge along the Santa Monica Creek bike path in Carpinteria, just south of El Carro Lane. I was hoping to see the adult male Orchard Oriole that has been there the past few years. I haven't seen any reports of the bird from there since Dave Compton's report on November 14, 2020, and in the past month the cape honeysuckle was extensively trimmed, possibly reducing its attractiveness as habitat.

I saw no sign of the Orchard Oriole, but that was made up for by an adult male Baltimore Oriole foraging in the large sycamore tree just south of El Carro Lane. There was also a bird that I'm thinking was probably an immature and/or female Bullock's Oriole. Poor photos of both birds are in the eBird list below.

John Callender

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