Redstart and Tufted Duck

Dave Compton

This morning, I saw the continuing male AMERICAN REDSTART along Atascadero Creek in Goleta and the returning TUFTED DUCK at Rancho Goleta Mobile Home Park. The redstart was a challenge. You can come into the area either from Ward or from Patterson. Look for the line of willows that come in from the north (closer to Ward) on the north side of the bike path. Look for ways to go down to the creek at this point or a little farther west. The creek is pretty flooded in this area, so you can't really walk in it, except maybe with some boots (but I'm not sure Wellington's are adequate. I heard the bird chipping across the creek and had to stick around a while before it showed itself.

The duck was on the lake at Rancho Goleta, at the end farthest from the entrance on Ward.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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