Ducking around.

Wes Fritz

SB Birders,

I went out and checked a few ponds today around the north county. I started at the two ponds located on Hwy 246 and Campbell Road just west of Buellton. These ponds are holding water pretty good since the rains. We are now up to 40 American Wigeons, 6 Cinnamon Teal a few Ring-necks and N Shovelers. The ponds along Zaca Station Road near Firestone winery had 6 Redheads, that’s pretty cool for this location. I then checked out one of my favorite private ponds in the SYV and they have drained it and removed all the reeds. This is a total bummer. This means no Tricolored Blackbirds will be nesting there this year. In the bottom of this almost dry pond was 4 Cinnamon Teal and 4 Ring-necked Ducks. This is really bad because this pond used to have a lot of ducks and rails.
I checked out another pond off of Foxen Canyon Road which “was” largest nesting colony of Trikes in the county and all the reeds have been removed only one Bufflehead and a few coots were left. I sure hope Sedgewick is ready for a nesting colony of Trikes, or they’re in real trouble up here. Well, I just checked another pond on Alisos CYN Road and this pond has been denuded as well, not good. Stopped over in Los Alamos and checked out the Los Alamos Sewage Treatment Plant on Bell Road and saw 16 Cinnamon Teal 30+ A. Wigeons, N. Shovelers, Buffleheads and some Mallards, no Gadwall yet. I also went over to Los Alamos Park, this park can be really good some days, but the good news about this park is the park host has 4 bird feeders up and there is a lot of common birds. Traveling north on S.R. 135 out of Los Alamos I checked another good pond that has nesting Trikes, they have started cutting the reeds, but by hand so it is not that bad yet and it is by some equipment. So, maybe this pond will host some Tricolored Blackbirds this year. It was cool to see 4 HOODED MERGANSERS here and 2 pairs of Cinnamon Teal and Buffleheads. The Red-winged Blackbirds have already stated setting up shop in there, so that’s cool. Holy cow!!
I just saw a Greater Roadrunner in the field at the corner of Clark and HWY 1, Roadrunners are getting pretty rare anywhere along our coast. Just checked the Tanglewood pond off of Black Road and saw about 80
N Shovelers and a light mix of ducks. This particular pond used to be the best location to see Canvasbacks, there were none today. ( it is getting real windy-hard to use a spotting scope windy) at the pond in the northwest Agg field at Black and Betteravia there were about 40
Gadwall. The wind has forced a bunch of Savannah Sparrows up into the reeds,(guessing 80) kinda cool. The Black Road
flooded fields had nothing but 2 Killdeer. The “A” Street retention ponds had 8 Green-winged Teal, 10 Ring-necked Ducks and 14 Dowitchers. The retention basin pond over on Blosser and Canal Street only had about a dozen Ring-necked ducks a few Buffleheads, another good pond for Canvasbacks, none. James May Park, no wind? No birds, just mallards, coots 2 California and one Herring Gull. Waller Park’s famed duck pond, trying to save the best for last. Well, late on Sunday afternoon might not be the best time to visit. Poor lighting, and feeding frenzy was on full speed and the rest were sleeping on the island. So, I missed Jamie’s ducks!!! I decided to check out John Deacon’s Mud Lake, this was a nice stop with moderate wind and decent ducks, 12 Ring-necked, 14 Canvasbacks. This was a nice finish to a day of pond hoping.

If you finished reading this, thank you, at least you were not riding shotgun.

Good birding.

Wes Fritz
805 895 0685
Solvang CA

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