Seawatch timing

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
As a voice from the past, who has been a confirmed afternoon seawatcher (bec/ I’m too lazy to get out there earlier, plus parking ease), I want to say LATE AFTERNOONS/EARLY EVENINGS can be great at Campus Point. As some of you may recall, David Kisner headed up an organized Count for SB Audubon in the early 2000s, and a bunch of us had fun with that, although I’d been doing it since way before.
It was also at that time that others on that organized seawatch DID find the early mornings to be especially active for Pacific Loons.
However, I will never forget the wonderful variety you could get later in the day, the lighting conditions are way better (sun behind you), and often the weather can make the watch more interesting. Just a great outlook up there, and a great view of Goleta Bay. On days when the wind was super strong, we’d go down to the beach below and set up scopes on the rocks. It really was always informative, and I recommend any time of day for a spring seawatch for loons, brant, and scoters. Such a great spot!

Joan Lentz
Santa Barbara

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