Santa Ynez River Estuary, 4 Sept 2021

Mark Holmgren

I birded the Santa Ynez River Estuary from 3 places this morning.  A very early returning Audubon’s Warbler was in the Myoporum near the RR trestle (photos in checklist).  2 male Redhead, adult grebes of both Clark’s and Western were still dragging around dependent young, very few waders or peeps, a bunch of Caspian Terns and a few Royal Terns were present. Lots of Red-necked Phalaropes.  A couple each of American Avocets and Black-necked Stilts were in the upper part of the estuary.


The peeps were hiding in the back-dune pond north of the estuary, along with a Ruddy Turnstone.  (Access here is restricted both in and out of Snowy Plover breeding season. No public access at all.)


Mark Holmgren 

San Marcos Pass

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