Andree Clark Bird Refuge this morning

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:  I found that Jim Hodgson’s post from yesterday made me want to get out and brave the odors at the Bird Refuge this morning!  I’ve never seen the shoreline so receded as it was today, water getting shallower than it’s ever been.  Bad for the nose, good for the birds.  
It’s a chance for us to get close to shorebirds, so bring a scope and see what’s there.  Lots of turnover.  
I ran into Hugh, Dave Compton, and Libby, and had help finding the PECTORAL SANDPIPER from the beach parking lot (it was to the right or west).
Then we saw that we could see the birds hiding in that eastern curve, if we walked on the bikepath back around to the grass and cool shade of the Cabrillo Blvd side.  From there, you can scope that bay where there were at least 2 LESSER YELLOWLEGS, an AMERICAN AVOCET, and a couple of Short-billed Dowitchers.  
It was funny to see the Red-necked Phalaropes swimming around in such shallow water they looked like they were scooting on their bellies!  Lots of them around.
The numbers of egrets and herons needed to be counted carefully there were so many, but we ran out of time.

Joan Lentz

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