Sunday at Devereux + Goleta Slough

Enid Osborn

As reported by Dave Compton on Friday 9/03, my husband Jay Scheidemen and I spotted a juvenile Yellow-Crowned Heron today at around 2pm on the bank opposite the road, just east of Nowhere Bridge and up the slope 10 ft., sleeping and preening. Unlike the 3 egrets around it, the heron blended completely with the mud and tangled bare branches, and was invisible to the naked eye. Chocolate back with fine white speckling, streaked breast, substantial gray beak and gray legs, though hard to tell leg color due to blending with branches and twigs.

Goleta Slough
A flock of 9 Curlews in the slough shallows, mixed gulls, a single Great White Egret, the resident Kingfisher holding its position on the wire over the lake, and a much-thinned congregation of Cormorants. 

We did not see either the Reddish Egret or the Little Blue Heron today.

Fish were jumping right out of the water, both at Devereux and at Goleta Slough--beautiful as they caught the sun. If you know what kind of fish these are, please tell me, thanks. This must be a seasonal thing...?

Enid Osborn

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